MADE TO STICK by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

One reason I didn’t love history in high school is that it was mainly revealed to me line by line on an overhead projector.  (For kids who don’t know what I’m talking about, picture a handwritten Powerpoint.)  On the rare occasions when the teacher paused to tell a story about one of those famous people, the class came alive.  I now know that stories engage us because they use action and emotion to convey insights, but at the time I simply thought: Why doesn’t he tell us stuff like this more often?  Maybe then I’d pay attention.  In MADE TO STICK, Chip and Dan Heath (brothers) make the case that ideas conveyed with stories survive, while others die.  The irony of this book is that I really loved it when it came out (2007), but four years later, all I could remember was the main idea.  They made it repeatedly and well.  Though somewhat narrowly focused, it’s a good book.  Flipping through it recently, I came across their story about a flight attendant who mentioned “red and white disco lights along the floor of the aisle,” which made me wonder why airlines don’t hire people like her more often.  Bottom line: If you’re trying to get peoples’ attention, MADE TO STICK is a good place to start.


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