If you’ve ever Googled yourself—and let’s face it, who hasn’t?—then you have probably had the experience of discovering that “you” have been to Italy, run a marathon, married a guy named Frank, and died.  It can be a bit unsettling.  You may wonder, Who is this doppelganger, and how did she meet Frank?

On the other hand, you may learn, as Wes Moore did, that a man with your name is going to prison for murdering a police officer.  In THE OTHER WES MOORE, Wes Moore the Rhodes Scholar tells the story of how he and this other guy lived blocks apart in Baltimore, grew up in similar neighborhoods, had difficult, fatherless childhoods, and had trouble with the police, yet somehow he managed to live a very different life.  It is a fascinating exploration of the lives of inner-city boys and the choices they often face, and it provides a powerful statement about the consequences of their decisions.

“There but for the grace of God” rings throughout this story.  The author Wes Moore understands how lucky he was; when he asked for help, it was there.  And here is what he wants us to understand: For the other Wes Moore and many other young men like him, we need to listen a little harder.

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