As far as I know, it’s not unusual for girls to fantasize about falling in love with a prince.  We live in a society where Disney movies and romance novels encourage this sort of thinking.  I myself can occasionally be heard humming bars from Someday My Prince Will Come.  But I’ve never encountered anyone who meant that song literally—until I read Jerramy Fine’s memoir of the same title (PS-Yes, she’s a girl; her parents were hippies).  The subtitle provides further clarification: TRUE ADVENTURES OF A WANNABE PRINCESS.  She is not kidding.

Although the title might sound corny, Ms. Fine’s story of how she has pursued her Prince Charming is oddly fascinating.  While clearly obsessed, she is also intelligent and clear-headed.  So the book turns out to be more about a believable quest than just some silly girl’s dream.  Her adventures along the way show a woman growing up, learning lessons that we all learn in different ways.

In short, it’s a slightly-weird-but-charming bildungsroman.


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