LIZZ FREE OR DIE by Lizz Winstead

As I was reading LIZZ FREE OR DIE last night and this morning, laughing hysterically to the point that I had to blow my nose several times, I kept thinking, How lucky I am to have the kind of work that gives me the time to read books like this.

Lizz Winstead, a comedian who was co-creator and head writer of The Daily Show and one of the founders of Air America Radio, delivers her “messays” (essays that are not quite a memoir, but “a collection of stories that put my somewhat complicated life into perspective—or at least a kind of perspective”) with honesty and comic panache, and her insights about being a woman in a field dominated by men kept me turning pages well into the night.

Here are a few things that stuck with me: 1) people who dismissed her actually inspired her; 2) she has worked very hard and eaten lots of Ramen noodles; 3) when she realized she would not run out of ideas, that feeling liberated her.

In short, she’s an inspiration to me.

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Creator of The Literacy Cookbook (, I am an educational consultant who also happens to love to read incessantly. I found myself referring friends to so many books that it seemed like time to create a blog to record all of these recommendations. So here it is.
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