DECISIVE by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

DECISIVEI spent no time debating whether or not to buy Chip and Dan Heath’s latest book, DECISIVE, because their other two books, MADE TO STICK and SWITCH are two of my favorites.  Whereas MADE TO STICK deals with how to present and sell ideas and SWITCH explains how to change when change is hard, DECISIVE focuses on just what the subtitle says, How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work.

I’m not gonna lie: I like the first two books better.  But this could be because they’re more relevant to my life and work at the moment.  Without a doubt, DECISIVE will be useful for anyone trying to make a difficult decision.  It describes numerous clever strategies, such as asking, “What would I tell my best friend to do in this situation?” in regard to a personal dilemma and, “What would our successors do?” in a business setting.  I also like the idea of thinking about decisions through three different time frames: How will I feel about this 10 minutes from now?  Ten months from now?  Ten years from now?  These are just a few suggestions; the book offers many more.

The next time I’m stuck on the fence about something, I know I’ll pick up this book as a reference.  That will be an easy decision.


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