STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel

STATION ELEVENThis post-apocalyptic novel was a finalist for the 2014 National Book Award. Which made me think: If this was a finalist, I absolutely must read the winner. It is richly layered, raising and beautifully answering the question, What if the world as we know it fell apart?

Seen through the eyes of several sympathetic characters whose lives overlap in curious ways before and after a 99.9% effective epidemic, it shows why, in the words of a Star Trek Voyager episode, “survival is insufficient.”

Beyond food, water, and shelter, what do we think we need? And what do we actually need? STATION ELEVEN asks these questions and more.

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Creator of The Literacy Cookbook (, I am an educational consultant who also happens to love to read incessantly. I found myself referring friends to so many books that it seemed like time to create a blog to record all of these recommendations. So here it is.
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