THE MARTIAN by Andy Weir

THE MARTIANAndy Weir’s first novel, THE MARTIAN, is what Hollywood types call “high concept”: An astronaut who was left for dead finds himself alone on Mars. This is the story of what he does to try to survive. Of course they made it into a movie. They’d be crazy not to.

Sometimes when a movie adaptation comes out before you’ve read the book, you see the movie and skip the book. In this case, that would be a mistake.

I have not seen the movie yet. It might be great, and I do plan to see it. But the book is truly phenomenal: an engrossing, suspenseful tale of how a determined man with limited materials and time uses his vast knowledge of math, engineering, and botany (among other topics) to solve one problem after another in his passionate, furious quest to survive. Nothing is easy. Often his solutions, however ingenious, create other problems. Which is not surprising, considering his situation. So much can go wrong, and it does, at breathtaking speed.

I won’t spoil it. But I will say this: it is completely believable. I love the combination of sci-fi meets resilience. And I can’t wait to read Andy Weir’s next book!


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