A DEADLY WANDERINGWe have all seen it: someone looking down while driving. Texting. Heck, I saw three people doing it yesterday, when I went out on my porch to check the mail. They were driving 25 miles per hour down a crowded street, where children live and play.

People know it’s wrong, but they do it anyway. Maybe, somehow, they don’t realize it’s actually more dangerous than driving while drunk.

In 2006, Reggie Shaw, a 19 year-old man from Utah, caused an accident that killed two rocket scientists.

In this gripping narrative, subtitled “A Mystery, a Landmark Investigation, and the Astonishing Science of Attention in the Digital Age,” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Richtel tells the story of what happened and why, and what happened afterwards. Prior to Reggie’s case, no one had ever been convicted for texting while driving before; it sent ripple effects across the country. Richtel explores both the human side and the scientific side of Reggie’s situation, as well as the lives of those who were affected by his actions.

This book is a study of guilt, compassion, addiction, and redemption. It should be mandatory reading for everyone with a driver’s license.


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One Response to A DEADLY WANDERING by Matt Richtel

  1. EarthLink says:

    I have to get this – 2 rocket scientists! Ugh! Anyone- ugh! We need a humans against idiots campaign – & the Donald could be the honorary president – he should be able to handle that!

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