YOU’LL GROW OUT OF IT by Jessi Klein

YOU'LL GROW OUT OF ITMy friend Anne had trouble reading this book. Not intellectually, but logistically. She had to keep taking off her glasses and wiping her eyes because she couldn’t stop laughing so hard that it made her weep. Jessi Klein is a comedienne and head writer for the Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer, so it is no surprise that her personal essays induce this type of reaction.

I had read the first 31 pages of YOU’LL GROW OUT OF IT when I handed the book to Anne, who was visiting me at the beach. “You should read the first chapter,” I told her as I headed into the water. “You’ll like it.” The first chapter is about how while it’s socially acceptable to be a tomboy when you’re growing up, “nobody likes a tom man.” And it goes on from there.

When I emerged from the water, Anne barely looked up except to pause for breath. When I said, “What?” (in the way that people who didn’t hear, read, or see the joke often do) she’d shake her head and say, “I don’t want to spoil it.”

It was clear I wasn’t getting that book back until she was done with it.

When she finally handed it back—on the way out to her car, late on Sunday afternoon—I picked up where I’d left off. Soon I was immersed in Klein’s tale of taking a Bar Method butt-shaping class in which she notes, “It is a class for women, or rather for women’s problem areas. Women have problem areas in a way that men don’t. We have big hips and muffin tops. Men just have the thing where they create wars and wreak havoc all over the globe.”

It’s like that.


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One Response to YOU’LL GROW OUT OF IT by Jessi Klein

  1. Such a great book. Thanks for the laughs, Jessi Klein (and Sarah Tantillo)!

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