THE FIFTH RISK by Michael Lewis

What I have loved about Michael Lewis’s writing, from LIAR’S POKER forward, is how he follows his intellectual curiosity to investigate timely problems then tells engaging stories to explain these problems and shed light on the people trying to solve them.

When you think about everything happening in the world, it seems a safe bet that Mr. Lewis will never run out of material.

His latest book, THE FIFTH RISK, looks into how specific federal agencies have been operating since Donald Trump was elected. Whether you voted for Trump or not, you should care about how effectively the government functions—both because we are all paying for it and because it has the potential (through action or inaction) to make our lives easier or more difficult. And even if you think So what? or They’re all incompetent/crooks/whatever. Trust me: Michael Lewis has somehow managed to turn the inner workings of the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Energy into an engrossing set of tales. And, I am relieved to say, there are some heroes out there.

This book should be required reading in civics classes. I think it would inspire more students to pursue careers in public service.  Which would be a good thing.


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