BECOMING by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s memoir, BECOMING, is a humble, honest account of what so far has been an amazing life. “When I was a kid,” she begins, “my aspirations were simple. I wanted a dog. I wanted a house that had stairs in it—two floors for one family. I wanted, for some reason, a four-door station wagon instead of the two-door Buick that was my father’s pride and joy….” From these first few lines, she draws us in and—because we know that her life has become so much bigger than that—we can’t stop wondering how she was transformed from a little girl with such modest dreams into a powerful, influential First Lady.

When I picked this book up, I already knew a fair amount about Mrs. Obama. I knew that she grew up in a two-parent household with an older brother on the South Side of Chicago; I knew that she went to Princeton and then Harvard Law School. I knew that she met her future husband when she was assigned to mentor him at the law firm where she worked.

What I didn’t know—and what this book makes clear in an open, lively way—is how she has felt all along about her various experiences. She knows who she is, and she is remarkably candid and reflective about what she has been through. Her reflections remind us that no matter what hand we might be dealt, we all have choices to make and consequences to deal with. But she also acknowledges how much our family, friends, colleagues, and mentors can help shape our lives, and she wants to inspire young people—young women, especially—as much as she can.

With this book, I have no doubt that she will.


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